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The Story Behind the Beauty

Moonfire Ranch is a premiere Los Angeles venue with a storied and star-studded history beginning with S&H Green Stamp heir Lewis Beach Marvin III purchasing this Topanga Canyon mountain property in 1957 to becoming one of the most recognizable backdrops for movies, photo shoots and music videos in Southern California.

Moon Fire Temple is a sacred garden temple located in the Santa Monica Mountains with a 360 degree panoramic view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Malibu and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

The temple was built for the 1966 Paul Newman film, Harper, and is featured prominently as The Temple in the Clouds. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Doors performed at the Moon Fire Temple regularly during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Artists who have featured their work include; Andy Warhol, David Nelson Rose, Bon Jovi, Mastodon, Thrill Kill Cult, 80's hairband Dokken's music video "Walk Away", Tommy Chong in Far Out Man and numerous Playboy shoots.

Movies, Magazines and Music Videos include:

Harper (Paul Newman film)
The Stone Killer (Charles Bronson film)
Far Out Man (Tommy Chong film)
Tarzan (Andy Warhol film)
Mondo Hollywood (film)
ESPN w/ Phoenix Suns center Tyson Chandler
Five Knives (punk rock band music video)
Walk Away (Dokken music video)
Ollin Ixtli (Aztec Dance Group)
Babylon A.D.
Elle Magazine
Maxim magazine
Bebe magazine
Italian Vogue magazine
Vogue magazine
Violet magazine
High Times
Amica magazine
Urban Outfitters


Moonfire Ranch is now available for bookings. Welcoming all motion pictures, movie shoots, photo shoots, music video productions, and artistic events.

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